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Create a Web App

It's extremely frustrating to have a great idea, terrific design plans and assets, and the drive to move forward - but then get stuck because you don't have someone to code the tech stuff. Let me use my years of experience to help you create the site of your dreams!

Web Development

I use PHP7 / mySQL, markup in HTML5 / CSS3, and utilize jQuery, Javascript and frameworks like Bootstrap.

  • Custom e-commerce catalogs
  • Event calendars
  • Custom CMS systems
  • Member registration sites
  • Donation systems
  • WordPress plugins
  • Photoshop to HTML conversions

Virtual Contractor

Do you need something more ongoing than just a single project? Working on a social good company? I'd love to talk to you about your needs.

  • Outsourced coding for web designers
  • Overflow work for busy web programmers
  • Technical partnerships for small social enterprises

WordPress Setup

I'll make sure WordPress is installed securely, minimizing plugins to decrease load time and make your website less vulnerable to hackers.

  • Securely load WordPress
  • One-on-one initialization
  • Child theme creation
  • Plugin check for vulnerabilities
  • Hosting suggestions and optimization

Don't see the web site service you want? Just contact me and I'll set up a free consultation to discuss your site needs.

Skills & Philosopy

I can't tell you how many times my clients have told me that they're "so awful at the tech stuff". Maybe they're a business owner who read articles that say that founders should learn the basics of programming. Or they're a web designer who can design an amazing looking site, but doesn't know how to make it function. And so they're forced to either try and learn those technical skills, or they hire a programming company that charges them an exorbitant price to handle all of their technical needs. This isn't your area of expertise, so they've got you over the barrel, right?

This is where I step in. I don't just program web applications. I work closely with my clients as trusted member of their team, to make sure their ideas become a reality. I never take advantage of a client, I work quickly and effectively, I'm always be honest about my assessments and I won't recommend services you don't need. Almost all of my work comes directly from referrals, and I work super hard to ensure my clients are thrilled at the completion of the project. Not only is it my reputation on the line, but I absolutely love coming up with creative solutions to help people with their web sites.

I've been coding web applications since 2003, and here are some of the skills I bring to the table:

PHP mySQL jQuery / Javascript Bootstrap WordPress E-Commerce Photoshop Integration Technical Training Friendly Support

Project Prices

Working with an independent contractor lowers your costs considerably: you'll eliminate benefits, excess staff and overhead costs. When you hire an experienced contractor, you're getting the best of both worlds - a lower cost with a high level of project knowledge and familiarity with advanced coding needs.

Amount Spent Per Year

Minimum Hours Required

I truly understand the need to stay within a budget, and always try and come up with solutions that fit your specific needs. I will gladly work with your HTML, CSS or graphic assets and add just the functionality, to help save you money. So if you need tech help and you have a budget, even if you haven't found a coder who will work within those limits, hit me up! I always offer free consultations to give you some guidance, and will do what I can to help you find a solution.

About Me

I'm a home based programmer, mom, and co-owner of an e-commerce company that gives people with disabilities meaningful employment. I've been coding interactive websites for over a dozen years, and love helping clients create usable, stable web applications. I always work hard to give every client my 100%!

I've coded countless templates, collaborated on many online scripts, and created applications from small affiliate directories to an unbranded e-commerce catalog system that was used on over 10,000 web sites and supported a lot of small web designers and hosts. I'm constantly learning and growing, and will bring my knowledge and experience to your project. With Brandable Web, you'll get years of coding experience, without the expensive agency prices.

I have a strong passion for social enterprises and non profits, and love working directly with these companies to help them change the world for the better.

Let's Talk

I'm always open to having a discussion about your web site needs, or talking about potential partnerships. And if you just want a quick question answered, like how to center an element on your site or how to change type formatting, let me know. I always do my best to help others out where I can!

Are you ready to move forward? Contact me and I'll reply as soon as possible.

Contact Me

My Guarantee
I'll put your needs first on a project, will respect your wishes, and work as a team member on your site. I never charge for any work that you haven't approved, and will offer a discount for missed deadlines that are completely my fault. I provide bug fixes at no cost for 90 days from the project completion date, and offer a 100% money back guarantee for that period if my work does not fully meet the expectations we set within the project scope.
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